Royal Blood are a Brighton born two piece band formed by Mike Kerr on guitar and vocals and Ben Thatcher on drums. The alternative rock duo formed in 2013 and ever since have been on the rise, from winning album of the year from the Mercury Prize in 2014 to the best live band and best new band from the NME Awards in 2015. They’ve also been noticed by popular music hub Kerrang and other organisations such as Classic Rock Magazine.

The band released their debut album “Royal Blood” in 2014 with Warner Bros Records after the popular EP “Out of the Black”. The album gained massive praise from fans and commercial success, and was received well by critics. Their combination of blues rock and garage/grunge rock sounds along with a vast vocal range from lead Mike Kerr created a unique sound with heavy drops and head bopping build ups, along with intense and creative solos.

The duo went quiet after the album, until releasing single “Where are you now?” in 2016 out of nowhere, then quickly disappearing out of the lime light again.

On April 11th Royal Blood announced a second album will be coming out on June 16th, titled “How Did We Get So Dark?” along with announcing the “Lights out” single to release on the 13th, two days after the announcement.

screenshot taken from the band’s official Facebook page.

“Lights out” is filled to the brim with killer hooks and lyrics, telling a short story of an easily forgettable yet beautiful girl through their unique songwriting style, a mix of straightforward and blunt lines leading into more deeper and riddle like lyrics.

The instruments sound a little softer on this track compared to their older songs, it’s almost like a faster paced version of “Blood hands” from their debut album rather than the harsh and ear piercing hit “Out of the Black”. The overall sound of the band has definitely aged a little while still maintaining their unique atmosphere captured in each song. While the track suffers a little with a repetitive verse chorus verse formula aside from a solo which is equally as repetitive, it’s built up a huge hype for the second LP very quickly.

They even released a music video to accompany the release of the song, a strange and thrilling set of visuals that tells the story of the song in it’s own unique way.

See for yourself and watch the vid here – Royal Blood – Lights Out official video

“How Did We Get So Dark?” will be available on June 16th.






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