From a few hundred plays on Soundcloud to playing sold out shows on tour, American Rapper and musician Lil Peep and his collective GOTHBOICLIQUE (GBC), created by artist Wicca Phase and Cold Heart, have risen to internet fame with their xanax and lean fueled emotional drugged up emo anthems.

Most of Peep’s songs revolve around heavy themes of drug use, suicide, past relationships and poor mental health, making him a leader of the post emo revival.

In an interview with The Fader, Peep told them about his life after finishing high school “I was completely alone” he said about his early life. “Being suicidal is a weird feeling. You get really reckless. And then in moments where I came really close to doing something stupid, I would go to music for help”

Lil Peep (born Gustav Ahr) first started making music in 2015, uploading his videos to YouTube which to date has gained over a million views each.

Last year Peep released two mixtapes, “Crybaby” and “HELLBOY”. Probably his most popular, HELLBOY screams edgy and emo, it’s themes of suicide, rejection and heartbreak set the tone for 40 minutes on an emotional rollercoaster.

His debut album is set to release sometime this year.

Lil Peep recently released the new track “witchblades” featuring GBC member and close friend Lil Tracy. Peep’s unique and ever changing vocal style makes for a chilling hook as he exclaims “switchblades, cocaine!” Tracy’s verse is equally as good, his mumbled raps with a religious theme creates a chant like atmosphere throughout the track. While the song might feel a little repetitive in terms of the music, the verses from each party are long enough so that the chorus is refreshing and not just a chore to hear.

The music video is filmed in an old VHS tape style, and subtitles are on every scene, the two rappers are filmed walking down empty streets at night and dancing in a house with different coloured lights.

It certainly seems like Peep has a knack for releasing hits as casually as he does for rocking the black and pink anime hairstlye.

Witchblades [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – Lil Peep x Lil Tracy

(Cover photo photography by Almost Decent for Hunger TV)







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