Alternative indie rock band VANT was formed in 2014 by frontman Mattie Vant, and are currently signed to Parlophone Records while they bask in the success of their debut album DUMB BLOOD which released in early February this year.

They recently performed an alternative version of their song “PARKING LOT” at Paaspop for 3FM, it was a more stripped back, acoustic style with Mattie on an acoustic guitar and guitarist Henry Eastham playing with a soft amount of reverb throughout, including playing the slower version of the brilliant solo.  The bass from Billy Morris was practically non existent against the other two guitars, and the drums from David Green were softer and quieter compared to their usual harsh, loud sound.

The band usually tackle political themes in their music, more specifically lead vocalist Mattie said “My concerns are worldwide things. It’s not strictly centred around the UK – it’s wars, global conflict, global warming” Along with this the band’s philosophy on nationality, patriotism and the concept of home is vastly different to the norm. They tend to refer to their home as planet Earth and disassociate from any sort of nationality, the concept is discussed in their track “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”

Watch VANT perform “PARKING LOT” here – VANT – PARKING LOT


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