King Krule has returned to the scene with two new songs

British born musician Archy Marshall, famously known as “King Krule” recently appeared on Mount Kimbie’s NTS radio show, where he blessed listeners with two new tracks from his series of side projects.

The first track is untitled from “Hypnodisc” which he created with his brother Jack, who also worked with Archy to create their album “A New Place 2 Drown” the song features in the show around the 45 minute mark.

Track 2 comes from Archy’s hip hop/ rap orientated project Edgar the Beatmaker called “When And Why” which comes in around the 90 minute mark.

Marshall first made his real mark on the music scene with 2013 album “6 Feet Beneath The Moon” receiving a generally positive reply from critics. The tracks revolved around themes of heartbreak, death, and personal thoughts on the afterlife. With his deep voice spread across each track along with jazz punk style music with atmospheric guitar tones, eerie samples and harsh percussion, the album was a hit with fans and newcomers alike. Archy had already seen some success at that point, with being nominated for the Sound of 2013 award from BBC in 2012.

Listen to the new tracks here


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