“This Old Dog” Mac DeMarco turns 27

Canadian singer songwriter Mac DeMarco, best known for his slacker rock style “jizz jazz” (the term was coined by DeMarco himself) turned 27 today a few weeks before his fourth LP “This Old Dog” is set to release.

Following the success of mini LP “Another One” released in 2015 Mac officially announced the new disk in late January. Since the announcement 4 new singles from Mac have been released, including title track “This Old Dog”.

The tracks follow in the same blues/ jazz style, with a heavy use of vibrato effects on intricate guitar compositions along with flat drums on soft rock choruses, DeMarco’s songs are popular for their lazy atmosphere and these songs don’t disappoint.

Despite this, the title track has a entirely different atmosphere, with its soft percussion and acoustic guitar, the song has a more mature sound to it, which is reinforced by the theme of ageing through a romantic look on the “old dog” phrase; while the connotation might be negative, Mac uses it in a positive light to describe his inability to change the way he feels towards his love.

“One More Love Song” is similar to this in it’s slow pace and it’s themes of love and loyalty, DeMarco has also fully taken advantage of his vocal range with impressive high notes spread throughout the track.

“This Old Dog” will be available on every platform from May 5th, Listen to the title track here. And if you like creepy pig masks, watch the music video directed by Mac DeMarco here.






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