Paramore release topical track “Told You So”

Paramore have come out with their second single for new album “After Laughter” titled “Told You So” toning down the mood since their tropical return with hit track “Hard Times”

The themes of the visuals and the tone of the music and lyrics lead to topics about anxiety and depression, and more exclusively about lead singer Hayley Williams’ bouts of mental health issues.

While the music is following their newly found tropical style upbeat pop vibe, with synth pop elements and pop punk guitar roots, the overall atmosphere of the music feels toned down and tackling more mature topics.

The vocals are fantastic and upbeat despite the lyrics’ darker atmosphere as Hayley opens the bridge with “Throw me into the fire, throw me in, pull me out again”

Once again fans of the band are criticising the new tracks for not sounding like their highly popular older music, some of which is over ten years old, while others are embracing the change and making the point that the band has grown up since their pop punk beginnings.

The music video visualises Hayley’s mental health by placing her in a dull empty house and dressing in black clothing, and seeing her cornered in an empty room gives a claustrophobic tone to the atmosphere, all the while other members of the band Zac and Taylor are filmed driving around in the open playing their instruments in bright red clothing. Soon we can see Hayley leaving her house and joining the band, with a change of clothes and more upbeat tone, the car scenes in “Told You So” are almost joyful and unite Paramore. The art is always open to interpretation and you can watch it here.

“After Laughter” is available on May 12th through Fueled By Ramen







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