Up and coming American rapper Lil Peep hit the rural lands of Russia to shoot the video for his new song “Benz Truck”, polluting Gothic castles and graveyards with his emo atmosphere and sadboy style.

The track itself has a chant like atmosphere underneath a pretty simple beat with some effective riffs, spiced up every now and then with some hollow backing vocals from peep and a subtle bassline which comes and goes.

The lyrical theme of the track isn’t new ground for peep, for the most part of the song he raps about the money he’s making and the kids that hate him, making a nice change from the usual downhearted suicidal anthems he’s usually putting out.

The video for “Benz Truck” has already racked up an impressive 1.6 million views on YouTube in a week of being released.

Lil Peep is currently in the UK hyping up his fans for his debut album “Come over when you’re sober”